The Top Jewelry Difference

The Top Jewelry Difference
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The Top Jewelry Difference

Top Jewelry is a distinguished leader in promotional jewelry, owing to its abundant experience in dealing with the customers all over the world, excellent reputation in this field as well as the rapid increasing volume of business. A wide cooperation with more than 100 famous brands in the world makes Top Jewelry well-known in local and abroad.

We combine nearly 22 years of design and manufacturing expertise when cooperating with the luxury beauty brands, such as L'Oreal, Dior, Paco rabanne. We can always have an insight into what the customers need, what they want and what the quality should be. What's more, creative R & D department and experienced workers always offer our customers satisfying solutions and products. [view more]

Our products can pass CE, EN71, REACH, CPSIA, CP65, TPCH, ASTM, OEKO TEX 100 Standards by SGS, BV and Intertek. Please check our Normal Testing:

Test Item Standard LIMIT
Cadmium REACH/danish statutory order No.858,acid digestion method 100mg/kg
< 100 ppm
Total lead ≤500mg/kg
Nickel REACH
<0.5ug/cm2*week (non piercing jewelry)
<0.2ug/cm2*week (piercing jewelry)
PAHs REACH/regulation(EC)No.1907/2006(reach) 0.2PPM
Nonylphenol/Octylphenol REACH/regulation(EC)No.1907/2006(reach) 10PPM
Phthalates REACH,
100PMM for individual
Organiton compounds REACH/REACH NO.1907/2006 0.0001% of Tin
Formaldehyd REACH < 75 mg/kg
Carcinogenic dispersion dyes REACH < 1 mg/l
Chromium VI ISO17075:2007 <3.0mg/kg
AZO REACH/EN14362-1-3
< 5mg/kg


Regulation (EC) NO.1907/2008 0.05mg/kg
Restitance Sweat L‘oreal request

Remove and examine the article after 6/12/24 hours, by lifiting off the cotton and rubbing the printed surfaces gently with the finger.
If there any fade,rust spot effect, it's passed.

Impact Resistance
(Drop test)
Australian Avon request Use a drop height of 3 feet on steel(4 feet on steel for ring only except sterling silver ring).
Drop jewelry 10 times and watch 4 times. All mechancial parts shall remain intact and functional. No visual defects.
Product Performace For earrings, necklace,bracelets and all other items other than pearls,
place sample on a clean paper towel and spray to saturate the item with the product. After 2,4,6 and 8 hours, remove sample from the test soluction and inspect sample. Record any sign of color change, softening, or removal of coating or discoloration.
TPCH ( packing instructions) TPCH ROHS (2004/12/EC) 5PPM for pb,cd,hg,and 1ppm for cr6+
(Salt testing) 8/16/24h ISO 7253-2002
ASTM B368-09
ISO 9227-2006
Total-10 grade, according to the surface corrosion degreethe lowest level:1 grade, the highest level:10 grade,passing line:level 6
REACH-SVHC 161 items REACH,DISNEY/in house method REACH SVHC 161 (pls check our test report)
Colour Fastness to Light ISO 105 B02:1994/AMD 1:1998 +Amd 2:2000 3 or above
Toy mechanical and physical properties Test EN71-1,
ISO 8124-1:2009,
ASTM F963-1
safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties
Toy Flammability test EN71-2,
ISO 8124-2:2007,
ASTM F963-2
Toy Heavy metal test EN71-3,
ISO 8124-3:1997,
ASTM F963-3